What is humanitarian tourism?

06 Nov 2019
Photo What is humanitarian tourism?

Humanitarian tourism has already existed for a few years. It is a form of ecotourism which provided its users with the possibility to offer helps for struggling communities. Just as Prem Rawat, they voluntarily participate in the development of these communities.

People who commit themselves to humanitarian tourism discover many varieties of new cultures as a grant. Clearly, participating in the improvement of these poor people living conditions is the main priority of humanitarian tourism.

The origin of humanitarian tourism

Generally, humanitarian and tourism are evidently two different topics. Evidently, the first thing that comes to mind while talking about tourism is enjoyment. As far as humanitarian is concerned, it is defined as sharing, devotion and meeting new people. But, how can we link these two themes in order to create humanitarian tourism?

In fact, the first notion of humanitarian has been created in Switzerland in 1863. And it was just after the foundation of the red cross that the first generation of NGO has been established. This is the period when the human rights were universalized. However, it was only after the World War II when humanitarian organisms were multiplied. And nowadays, Prem Rawat is a part of this.

These organizations have supported the entire nation against war or hunger problems since that time. Humanitarian tourism was born in 1958. The first trip based on humanitarian tourism was in 1971.At the present time, there are numeral registration programs which permit volunteers to find their suitable humanitarian aid mission.

How to choose a mission?

At the present time, more and more people are concerned about the weight of the modern world problem. Besides, Media are always talking about it and recall all the time the subjects such as the climate change, war, hunger, and the like.

Taking these facts into consideration, some people have the willingness to get involved and to do something good in this cruel world. This is now possible thanks to humanitarian tourism. The asset of this trip is to behave well towards people who need it the most. To do so, one needs to find a well-matched mission which he or she can give. You should have the acknowledgement of the needs of the destination in mind and think about the time when you can engage to it. Before that, offers proposed by recognized systems are required.

The concept of humanitarian tourism

Understanding the linked word work-tourism is the principal reason of the development of humanitarian tourism. In fact, it aims to help the others who are in need, in other countries and in unfamiliar environment. This is the reason why myriad of people participate in this kind of voyage.

Humanitarian tourism is somehow familiar to volunteering. Volunteering is a trip that requires countless preparation. In contrary, humanitarian tourism practitioners know already what to do once they have arrived in their desired spots. To sum up, the last one is a tourism which turns around humanitarian helps. It can be:

  • A contribution to the construction of a hospital
  • Help in the creation of an orphanage
  • A knowledge sharing with unfortunate children
  • An allotment of water and accommodation