How do associations respond to food insecurity?

Photo How do associations respond to food insecurity?

Food insecurity has become more and more common in many households in France, not only in the southern parts of the country, but equally in the northern areas. This is because many people do not have adequate access to high quality, nutritious food. Nevertheless, good nutrition is necessary for normal growth and development which will guarantee healthy, active life.

The phenomenon might have resulted from different reasons. Fortunately, there are some associations like the Prem Rawat which come on stage and fight against it.

Causes of Food insecurity

When it concerns food insecurity, images of children dying from hunger immediately come to mind. However, food insecurity does not only consist of being hungry. It can also rhyme with malnutrition or low-quality food. In France, like in some other countries, it is essential to be able to feed yourself. Nevertheless, that is not the only necessity to guarantee food security.

In fact, the problem of food insecurity is related to the difficulty to have access to food. The problem might be due to one of the following two factors, which are, inadequate income, on the one hand, and tight food budget, on the other.

Apart from that, food distribution is not relevant to the area. As an illustration, the department stores where reasonably price food is available are often located in distant areas, which cannot be accessible on foot. Furthermore, there are more factors:

  • Unequal distribution of the different food stores,
  • Lack of or inadequate means of transport,
  • Very low minimum wages, 
  • High unemployment rate,
  • Inadequate food distribution network,
  • Unfair wealth distribution.

Combine agriculture and nutrition to fight against food insecurity

This kind of project is designed for the areas where the most vulnerable people inhabit, while also taking into consideration those from remote the areas where access to services and marketplaces is rather difficult. Associations which fight against food insecurity such as Prem Rawat set up a program on humanitarian aid. Their goal is to provide high-quality equipment and to heavily subsidize the farmers.

In addition to that, training on best cultural practices and market gardening will be given to farmers. Such initiatives aim to increase the availability of nutritious food and to reinforce food diversity among the poorest households. Furthermore, awareness-raising actions concerning the value of healthy nutrition, which are mainly designed for farmers, will eventually enhance the development of agriculture and food projects.

Unify all existing programs to better fight against food insecurity

To succeed in this project, it is crucial to engage the different actors of food security and develop efficient communication among them. In fact, several humanitarian aid programs are going on within different regions. Therefore, it is important promote exchange in order to support each other. This will generate a synergy among the programs, and encourage a mutual reflection upon the topic of food security.

The project will be initiated with an important symposium in which technical services, projects or NGO managers will participate, including Prem Rawat, the owner of the website, as well as other local international organizations.