Time Wasters Equal Time Wackers

Some Things You Just Have To Let Someone Else Do

I don’t know about you but when I am feeling organized I feel in control and feel good about my surroundings. If you house is all organized and everything looks good I don’t have to fret or worry about all the little things I need to do that are… well let’s say kind of unnecessary. I mean they are necessary because there important to me but in the big picture of things, hey come on if my house isn’t clean it’s not the end of the world. I mean really if someone were to see it am I going to die? No.driveway-cleaning-jacksonville-fl

Some of the projects I have been putting off that I really hate and don’t want to do. Cleaning up the yard, mowing the grass, trimming trees, any kind of yard clean up. Cleaning the driveway. Washing windows. Snow removal, wow now here’s something that will take care of itself if you just wait long enough. Hahaha

When I look at all the projects that I deem a waste of time I call them “time wackers” because they just remove chunks of time from my day. But now I have learned not to do everything for myself in fact I hired a guy over at a Jacksonville tree service to take care of my tree trimming and tree removal. They also do stump grinding and stump removal.

Another guy that cleans driveways so I don’t have to do it and if you’re looking for a driveway cleaner in Jacksonville fl then call Jax Best Pressure Washing these companies have done a great job for me and I highly recommend them if you need someone to clean your driveway or fences or pressure wash your roof. They even pressure wash the siding on your house. These company’s both have the very nicest guys working there, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Carpet cleaning is another thing some homeowners tackle themselves and I think for the job these people do it’s just better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning companies do a better job than you could do on your own, even if you rent a professional carpet steam cleaner from the store. I have some experience with carpet cleaning, I have cleaned my own carpet and I have some friends that are in the business. It was a much harder job than I thought it was going to be when I started and it came out ok but it was not even close to what you could get with a pro. Hey shout out to my friend. Carpet Cleaning Aspen

I truly believe that home is where the heart is


It should also be the place where you can kick up your feet and relax


When my home is a mess or simply cluttered with stuff I find that it is not as relaxing of an environment. I don’t think it matters whether you live in a tiny apartment, a trailer, or a giant mansion there are some simple steps you can take to make your home clean and inviting for you.

Let’s begin with cleaning because let’s face it, it has to be done. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has told me that cleaning their home is their favorite thing to do. I break my cleaning up through the week and once you get into a schedule that works for you the work doesn’t take as long. If you’ve been neglecting areas of your home lately try planning a deep cleaning day to get started. Go ahead and enlist the kids and your husband. Attack every room and get everything nice and clean.

Now consider the way your home looks after all of that hard work. Bask in the glow of accomplishment and then make a plan. Once the deep cleaning is done you want to look at maintenance. If you stay on top of the household chores, then you will find that they can be done fairly quick. I’m going to run down my weekly chore schedule to give you an idea of what one looks like and the approximate amount of time it takes. For a reference point my house is 2,400 sq. ft. 2-baths 4-bedrooms.

Monday: Wipe down the bathrooms with disinfectant wipes, spray the inside of the toilet and clean with a scrub brush, Windex the mirrors. Time taken: 15 minutes

Tuesday: Laundry Day – wash, dry, fold, and hang up. I also do my towels on Tuesday. Family of three it takes a few hours but then you don’t have to sit and watch it so you can work on other things in between if you want or catch up on a good book.kitchen-1832381_640

Wednesday: My daughter covers this day as she is in charge of sweeping and vacuuming the house. I love Wednesdays. If she drags her feet and whines it can take her about an hour but when she just does the work it takes about 30 minutes

Thursdays: I have a lot of Knick knacks and this is a good day for me to run a duster over them all. Once you’ve done the deep cleaning running a duster over everything takes like 10 minutes. Tip – dust after you vacuum because vacuuming kicks up dust.

Friday: Laundry Day again same as before wash, dry, fold, hang up, and put it all away. If I need to wash sheets and blankets this is done on my Friday wash day. I do wash twice a week because it keeps it more manageable for me and I am less likely to wash and then put off the whole folding and putting away part.

Saturday and Sunday, I try to save for family time and me time.

Now you may be wondering about the kitchen. Unfortunately, that is one area of my home that requires some attention every day. So, I cook and every evening after dinner I wash all of my dishes, put them away, and wipe down all of the counters and stove with hot soapy water.

Once a month I take bleach to my bathrooms and kitchen and scrub them within an inch of their lives. The good news, if you maintain them through the weeks it doesn’t take to terribly long. Bedrooms fall to the person it belongs to and I find that if everyone in the house picks up after themselves the clutter won’t get to bad.trousers-362781_640

Check back soon and will talk about organizing those closets and pesky junk drawers.