Time Wasters Equal Time Wackers

Some Things You Just Have To Let Someone Else Do

I don’t know about you but when I am feeling organized I feel in control and feel good about my surroundings. If you house is all organized and everything looks good I don’t have to fret or worry about all the little things I need to do that are… well let’s say kind of unnecessary. I mean they are necessary because there important to me but in the big picture of things, hey come on if my house isn’t clean it’s not the end of the world. I mean really if someone were to see it am I going to die? No.driveway-cleaning-jacksonville-fl

Some of the projects I have been putting off that I really hate and don’t want to do. Cleaning up the yard, mowing the grass, trimming trees, any kind of yard clean up. Cleaning the driveway. Washing windows. Snow removal, wow now here’s something that will take care of itself if you just wait long enough. Hahaha

When I look at all the projects that I deem a waste of time I call them “time wackers” because they just remove chunks of time from my day. But now I have learned not to do everything for myself in fact I hired a guy over at a Jacksonville tree service to take care of my tree trimming and tree removal. They also do stump grinding and stump removal.

Another guy that cleans driveways so I don’t have to do it and if you’re looking for a driveway cleaner in Jacksonville fl then call Jax Best Pressure Washing these companies have done a great job for me and I highly recommend them if you need someone to clean your driveway or fences or pressure wash your roof. They even pressure wash the siding on your house. These company’s both have the very nicest guys working there, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Carpet cleaning is another thing some homeowners tackle themselves and I think for the job these people do it’s just better to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Professional carpet cleaning companies do a better job than you could do on your own, even if you rent a professional carpet steam cleaner from the store. I have some experience with carpet cleaning, I have cleaned my own carpet and I have some friends that are in the business. It was a much harder job than I thought it was going to be when I started and it came out ok but it was not even close to what you could get with a pro. Hey shout out to my friend. Carpet Cleaning Aspen

I truly believe that home is where the heart is


It should also be the place where you can kick up your feet and relax


When my home is a mess or simply cluttered with stuff I find that it is not as relaxing of an environment. I don’t think it matters whether you live in a tiny apartment, a trailer, or a giant mansion there are some simple steps you can take to make your home clean and inviting for you.

Let’s begin with cleaning because let’s face it, it has to be done. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has told me that cleaning their home is their favorite thing to do. I break my cleaning up through the week and once you get into a schedule that works for you the work doesn’t take as long. If you’ve been neglecting areas of your home lately try planning a deep cleaning day to get started. Go ahead and enlist the kids and your husband. Attack every room and get everything nice and clean.

Now consider the way your home looks after all of that hard work. Bask in the glow of accomplishment and then make a plan. Once the deep cleaning is done you want to look at maintenance. If you stay on top of the household chores, then you will find that they can be done fairly quick. I’m going to run down my weekly chore schedule to give you an idea of what one looks like and the approximate amount of time it takes. For a reference point my house is 2,400 sq. ft. 2-baths 4-bedrooms.

Monday: Wipe down the bathrooms with disinfectant wipes, spray the inside of the toilet and clean with a scrub brush, Windex the mirrors. Time taken: 15 minutes

Tuesday: Laundry Day – wash, dry, fold, and hang up. I also do my towels on Tuesday. Family of three it takes a few hours but then you don’t have to sit and watch it so you can work on other things in between if you want or catch up on a good book.kitchen-1832381_640

Wednesday: My daughter covers this day as she is in charge of sweeping and vacuuming the house. I love Wednesdays. If she drags her feet and whines it can take her about an hour but when she just does the work it takes about 30 minutes

Thursdays: I have a lot of Knick knacks and this is a good day for me to run a duster over them all. Once you’ve done the deep cleaning running a duster over everything takes like 10 minutes. Tip – dust after you vacuum because vacuuming kicks up dust.

Friday: Laundry Day again same as before wash, dry, fold, hang up, and put it all away. If I need to wash sheets and blankets this is done on my Friday wash day. I do wash twice a week because it keeps it more manageable for me and I am less likely to wash and then put off the whole folding and putting away part.

Saturday and Sunday, I try to save for family time and me time.

Now you may be wondering about the kitchen. Unfortunately, that is one area of my home that requires some attention every day. So, I cook and every evening after dinner I wash all of my dishes, put them away, and wipe down all of the counters and stove with hot soapy water.

Once a month I take bleach to my bathrooms and kitchen and scrub them within an inch of their lives. The good news, if you maintain them through the weeks it doesn’t take to terribly long. Bedrooms fall to the person it belongs to and I find that if everyone in the house picks up after themselves the clutter won’t get to bad.trousers-362781_640

Check back soon and will talk about organizing those closets and pesky junk drawers.

Get Everything Down On Paper


Ok my fellow organizers, let’s take a look at something we all have to do…. running errands.

Never fun but something that has to be done right. Well first look at some of the more common ones. Carpooling the kids, grocery shopping, general shopping, filling the car up with gas, going to Dr. appointments, returning those library books before they are so overdue that you could have bought the book for less. I could go on and I’m sure you could too.


The thing is these are all things that need to be done and most people tend to try to cram them in when there is absolutely no way to put them off any longer, which makes the errands more than just something you need to do into something that needs to be done 2 days ago and adds to overall stress and pressure in your day to day life.


Let me run down a few ideas here to help organize and manage some of those jobs that you may currently like to put off until the last possible moment.


  1. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, consider splitting the load. My husband takes care of the car maintenance, making sure the gas tanks are full, and keeping the yard in order. He is also very handy fixing broken things around the house.


  1. Grocery Shopping has to be done, unless you can afford to eat out every day which most people can’t. You’ve heard it said never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach but I say never go grocery shopping without a list. I like to shop for a week at a time. Before I go shopping I plan first what I plan to cook for dinner each night of the week. Then I check my freezer and pantry to see what I need. Then I write a list that covers all of the meals. I also fill in general items for breakfasts and lunches. I have found that this cuts my shopping time down considerably and I don’t get home start dinner and find I need to run back to the store because I don’t have one of the ingredients for dinner. You also save money because you aren’t simply throwing random items into your cart that you may not even need.



  1. Household necessities such as toilet paper and laundry detergent are something everyone needs. I have found that instead of running to the store one day for toilet paper and two days later heading back for shampoo I choose one day a month and get it all. I like to head to COSTCO but Walmart, Target, wherever works. I stock up on all of my main items once a month and then I don’t have to worry about it again. My monthly stock up list looks like this; toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, razors, toothpaste, laundry soap, fabric softener, stain removal, Tylenol, Advil, and cleaning supplies. Again, make the list and stick to it. If you head to one of the bulk stores you may even be able to get away with stocking up every 2 or 3 months. What you don’t want to do is run out early and have to run to the local supermarket for laundry soap or other item in that category because you will typically end up spending more.


So, go ahead, make those lists, plan ahead, and you will not only save some time and stress but you may also save some money as well. You may think that if you had the time of course you would be more organized but by taking a little time to plan out your errands you will find the extra time you so desperately need. Who knows, you may have time for a hot bath or to read a good book at home since you won’t have to stop by the store each day to pick up dinner or more shampoo.


Watch this video for more help. (If you don’t get anything out of it, hey at least he’s hot)

In my next blog, I’ll be offering some tips for organizing your house which sorry to say begins with some major cleaning for most!

Keep Going, Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Life keeps moving whether you’re standing still or running your butt off trying to get everything done that needs to be done.


I happen to feel that with some simple organizational steps you can find that elusive thing that so many people seem to lack these days, time.

It doesn’t matter whether you work 40 hours a week or stay at home and take care of the family life has a way of keeping you busy. There are so many things that need to be taken care of in life. Go to work, make money so you can survive, clean the house, take care of the yard, keep your vehicles in working order, pick the kids up from school, take the kids to all of their after-school commitments, pick up groceries, cook dinner…. you get the picture, right?

Then of course there is the one thing that gets neglected most often…when do you have family time or even a little me time. No one can keep going indefinitely without having some down time.

I would like to suggest that you take a little time and a few simple steps to organize the professional, family, and home life that may just give you a little perspective and help you find some extra time in your day to slow down and enjoy everything that you’ve been working for.urban-438393_640

Let’s start with work. Like most people you may find that work is a necessary evil. Even if you love what you do for a living it tends to take a big chunk out of your day. Most look at an 8-hour day of work and many find that the commute to and from can take up a good portion of your time as well.

Depending on your job taking a proactive approach can help make the day easier for you. No matter who your boss is or the type of work do you have a job to do and typically 8-hours to get it done each day. Perhaps you are a cashier and you need to ring up your customers, make sure your till balances or maybe you have to put stock back on the shelf. Some people deal with irate customers all day and troubleshoot problems, write reports, hire employees, or plan meetings and mergers.

Take some time to find out exactly what your boss expects of you each day and break it down. Putting high priority item first and moving on from there can help you get what needs to be done on time so you don’t end up working late or leaving the office with work hanging over your head or worse work coming home with you. I know this is not always possible but in every job, I have ever had I have found that my bosses were always more than willing to let me know what they expect and what can or cannot be left until the following day.adventure-1850205_640

Knowing what your boss expects helps you maintain a good working relationship and gives you a plan of attack so to speak so you can get the work done right the first time and not keep you working late redoing something you did that may not have been done the way your boss wants it.

Keeping a daily calendar on my desk and listing projects in order of importance and knowing exactly what I needed to be working on each day helped me to tackle my duties one at a time and helped to ensure that I wasn’t scrambling an hour before I clocked out trying to finish up everything so I could leave on time.

I also found that keeping my work space clean and uncluttered, at least as much as possible helped me to take care of work more efficiently. When my desk is packed with files, messes, and general debris I spend valuable time searching for what I need to do my work which adds to my stress level and how quickly I am able to get things done.

I hope these organizing tips help make your work day a little bit less stressful. In my next blog, I’m going to cover how to organize the ever-growing list of errands that need to get taken care of.